We Bought A Bank!

Join Cody Sperber and partners, Bryant and Kristian, as they introduce their latest venture – acquiring two historic bank buildings in Mesa and Tucson, Arizona!

Discover the reasons behind this strategic move, money-making strategies, and potential challenges. Dive into their three exit strategies, gaining insights into commercial real estate – from bank negotiations to city approvals.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious mind, this episode offers valuable information on successful real estate entrepreneurship. Don’t miss this engaging journey into redeveloping and repurposing bank properties.

Purchase of Bank Building
Retrofit the Current Building and Entitle the Property
Redevelop and Entitle the Entire Property for Two New Pads
Redevelop and Entitle the Entire Property for One Large User
Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors

00:00 Reusing buildings for fast income, then exit.
06:53 18-24 months for option two process.
07:31 Debate over drive-throughs vs. sit-down restaurants.
13:03 Explore investment opportunities at clevercapitalfund.com.
13:55 End of video. Visit the website. Subscribe. Take care.