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Building local communities.

Necessity-Based Value Add Development

Clever Capital is committed to making a positive impact with strategic investments that elevate growth starved communities. Our Residential & Multi-Family Fund specializes in units across the U.S. We are professionally owned and operated, and our expertise is in implementing value add strategies. We have a hands-on approach with our asset management and we strive to maintain strong and clear communication with our property management teams.

Building local communities.

A Lifetime of Added Value

Our current joint-venture company has over 20 years of combined multifamily and residential development experience, having worked on over $1 Billion dollars worth of transactions.

Industry Experts

Lock arms with our team of Multifamily & Residential development experts that have established strategic partnerships with the respected and innovative companies above.

Making An Impact

With a focus on essential housing needs and wants from affordable rentals to luxury new builds, our aim is to enhance the quality of life for local residents by improving the communities we invest in.

Identifying Opportunity

Our proprietary processes allow us to target highly attractive, institutional quality assets within our investment criteria. We look for opportunities to realize strong gains while conservatively underwriting.

By investing in Clever Capital’s Residential & Multi-Family Investment Fund, you can benefit from the returns generated by a diverse portfolio of properties that are hand-selected with growth and income generation as a first priority.

Invest in the Potential of Residential Real Estate with Clever Capital's Multi-Family Fund

Diversified Portfolio

Our Residential and Multi-Family Fund offers a diverse portfolio of properties, including new build single family development, standardized four-plex developments, and high density development. Having a diversifies portfolio mitigates risk and maximized potential returns.

Potential for Growth

With investment opportunities in short-term rental properties and value add multi-family investments, our fund is designed to provide steady rental income and potential for long-term growth.

Focus on Affordability

Our Residential & Multi-Family investment fund includes affordable housing projects, allowing investors to make a positive impact in their communities while benefiting from returns on their real estate investments.

Why should you invest with Clever Capital?

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Bryant Aplass


Creating a diversified investment portfolio that includes both multifamily and residential investments can help mitigate your risk and maximize your potential returns.

Grow your Portfolio with Multi-Family & Residential Real Estate Investments