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Building local communities.

Community-Based Value Add Development

At Clever Capital, we’re committed to investing in communities to make a positive impact. Our Retail & Commercial Fund focuses on providing food and service-based businesses needed in the immediate trade area to enhance the quality of life for local residents. By investing in functionally obsolete or undervalued commercial properties, we’re able to revitalize neighborhoods, creating new opportunities for growth and development. Our approach not only benefits the local community, but it also provides attractive returns for our investors.

Building local communities.

A Lifetime of Added Value

Our current joint-venture company has over 50 years of combined retail development experience, having worked on more than $2 Billion dollars worth of retail and commercial transactions.

Industry Experts

Partner with our team of retail and commercial development experts working with investment grade companies such as McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Circle K, CVS, Arco... and more.

Making An Impact

With a focus on essential food and service businesses, our aim is to enhance the quality of life for local residents by improving the communities we invest in.

Identifying Opportunity

Every investment offering that we provide is hand-picked based on it's potential for growth and income production. Our underwriting methods for our commercial deals are tailored to suit all parties involved, from start to finish.

Investing with Clever Capital Retail & Commercial Fund allows for access to a diverse commercial investment portfolio & allows investors to choose the investments opportunities that suit their needs and goals. With steady rental income and long-term growth potential, our fund is expertly designed and managed to help investors maximize their financial success through commercial real estate investment vehicles.

Experience Expertly Managed Commercial Real Estate Investing with Clever Capital's Fund

Comprehensive Portfolio

Our Retail & Commercial investment fund's comprehensive portfolio includes commercial land packaging, commercial land entitlement, strategic retail repositioning, and more. This provides investors with a complete and diverse set of options for commercial real estate investments.

Potential for Growth

With investment opportunities in single tenant net lease development and add value retail investment, our fund is designed to provide steady rental income and potential for long-term growth.

Focus on Improvement

Our Retail & Commercial investment fund includes properties in need of improvement, such as retail center renovation, offering investors the potential to add value and maximize returns.

Why should you invest with Clever Commercial?

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We understand that thriving communities are built on strong partnerships. Together, we can make a positive impact while achieving financial success at the same time.

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