Real Estate Riches Unleashed: Profitable Power Moves for Rising Investors

Cody sits down with esteemed business partners, Kristian and Bryant, for a deep dive into the transformative world of commercial real estate.

Explore the nuances of transitioning from residential to commercial properties as they unpack the challenges and triumphs of projects like the Chandler and Cooper development in Arizona. Gain insights into the profitability of wholesaling commercial deals and discover why commercial properties could be your golden ticket to financial success. Join this episode filled with compelling stories, from the family’s history of managing vast apartment units to their discreet yet impactful lifestyle. This episode offers a mix of professional wisdom, personal anecdotes, and strategic revelations.

Whether you’re a novice or an investment sage, tune in for illuminating discussions that promise to enhance your investment game, all right here on the Cody Sperber Podcast. Let’s get started!

Kristian Cotta is a seasoned negotiator with a knack for handling complex situations, ensuring win-win scenarios. With over a decade of experience, he’s facilitated $70M+ in transactions, excelling in NNN sales, leasing negotiations, and government entitlement processes. Kristian is a results-oriented professional, specializing in strategic acquisition plans and effective project management for complex retail redevelopment projects. His dedication to real estate shines through in his hands-on leadership, keen analytical skills, and commitment to exceeding long-term investment goals.

Commercial Real Estate Transition and Investments
Investment Strategies and Experiences
Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate
Project-Focused Discussions
Ground Leases and Investment Terms
Clever Capital Fund and Equity Opportunities
Entitlements and City Regulations

00:00 Kristian Cotta, real estate expert, educates audience.
06:22 Entrepreneur’s journey of starting own apparel business.
15:28 Dad advised me to learn from the Cotta family.
17:40 Learning commercial real estate from experienced professionals.
24:16 Cooper and Chandler plan to develop land.
31:29 Get involved in real estate deals, visit
33:04 Commercial buildings adapt to specific uses, especially during Covid.
39:50 Group blackballed for re-trading and high offers.
47:18 Potential smoke shop location for sale, for redevelopment.
52:33 Depreciation benefit allows for hands-off tax savings.
55:47 Investors get profit sharing on diversified deals.
59:48 Interest rate increase creating investment opportunity, says Buffett.
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