Raise Your Capital Step By Step

Mauricio and Bethany talk about the different types of funds that an investor can look into as well as the normal pitfalls to be aware of and how to circumvent them. They have worked with Cody on the Clever Capital Fund for commercial real estate. These industry leaders provide valuable insight on how they produce, contract, and manage a fund for every investor. They detail the best ways to raise capital and advertise your fund.

Mauricio and Bethany have started The Clever Capital Fund with Cody.
There are several rookie mistakes they see within their industry and talk about them in detail.
They break down the different types of funds and the best practices for them to be lucrative.They discuss how to advertise the fund for different investors.

00:00 Reusing buildings for fast income, then exit.
06:53 18-24 months for option two process.
07:31 Debate over drive-throughs vs. sit-down restaurants.
13:03 Explore investment opportunities at clevercapitalfund.com.
13:55 End of video. Visit the website. Subscribe. Take care.